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cropped-sap-for-website.jpgIt’s taken me a while to think of myself as a writer, to call myself one, to say to myself and other’s, I’m a writer. I still can’t utter that claim without some clamor from the nettlesome voices in my head. But, as I rework this website and try to organize my blogs and offer some of my writing for sale, I see the work of a writer. I also get good feedback from people about my writing. That’s particularly satisfying and there’s nothing better to quiet the imagined noise than the flesh and blood affirmations of good folk.

I have two self-published books available on Amazon. The Vicar’s Night Out  is my first published story. It’s a memoir about a night that changed my life irrevocably and put me on a crash course with myself and career as an Episcopal priest. The second book, The Vicar of Longborough: High Desert Landing,  also on Amazon, is fiction and tells the story, in episodes, of an Episcopal priest, Fr. Grant Stone, who lives much like I did during my brief, but life changing “escapades.” I had to get my act together to keep my marriage and sanity. Neither marriage nor sanity burdens Grant Stone. I love writing him. Both titles are classified as ‘short reads’ and can be read in one sitting.

I write a monthly column, ‘Just Sayin’  for the Bisbee Observer, a local weekly that comes out on Thursdays.  I live in Bisbee, Arizona, a stone’s throw from the US/MX border. My locale, my travel, my take on national issues and politics, and my work as a high-school history teacher at Bisbee High School, all inform my column. It’s a treat when I see folks around town who liked my column. Nobody has told me directly that they don’t like it. So far. The paper is available online for $45 a year. Click here The Bisbee Observer to subscribe for the electronic edition. Folks love the weekly ‘Police Beat.’

I have too many works in progress. I have a Cold War trilogy I title “The Sierra Trilogy”. I have a rough draft memoir I title MISTIR which is about how I crashed and burned-following the Vicar’s Night Out, did some soul searching, and became a teacher. I have sections of my autobiography. I have lots of stories that would make for a good short stories if I knew how to write a short story. I write about my relationship with my father. I’ve been interested in writing a biography of my mother. If you knew my mother, this wouldn’t surprise you. I’ve got all sorts of stuff that I’ve written and would like to continue working on. It’s hard for me to find the time, la la la la… .

I write a blog when inspiration strikes me. Most of them are floating around here somewhere in this website. These days, a writer has to be pretty proficient at promoting his or her work and needs an internet platform to do so. I’d rather write than fool around with this damn platform.  Mark Twain, my literary hero, would agree with me.

I’m a writer. There it is. Comes out a little easier than before. Thanks for taking a look.

Seth Polley

October, 2019

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