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Top 10 Reasons I Would Be a Lousy Bishop

6. I Mix Politics and Religion when I Preach

They say don’t do it, but I do. I don’t see how you can’t. I can’t not. Even after I stopped working full-time and became a teacher, when I preached as a supply priest, I kept doing it. One man and his wife walked out on my sermon when I suggested Donald Trump must not breath the same air as the rest of us and be interconnected to us as the passage in Galatians suggested. Otherwise, I says, Trump would have signed the Paris Climate Change accord.

Another time, I preached at a Unitarian Church-not sure I was allowed to, but did it anyway (see reason #7). I’m glad I did that. They dropped a generous honorarium check in my hand and then gave me money for my pizza and chocolate fund in my classroom. I had rewritten Neil Young’s lyrics for Alabama and changed it to address Arizona’s lack of commitment to education. My wife sand the song and I played the guitar-poorly. I criticized the state for not giving a fried fuck about brown kids on the border (See reason #8). BTW, I didn’t say it that way from the Unitarian Universalist pulpit. Maybe I should have.

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Seth Polley

I live in southeastern Arizona where I teach high school history. My home is very close to US/MX border and the border and the countries it divides are very close to my heart. For a little over twenty years, I served the Episcopal church as a priest, but now I work as a teacher. I use for my writing website, but I also have another site, where I write a blog. At this point in my writing career I have received a couple of honorable mentions in writing contests, and have self-published two short monographs. I'm planning on continuing to write and look forward to the time when I can devote more time to it.
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