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Top 10 Reasons I would be a Lousy Bishop

#7. I have Problems with Authority Figures

I’ve served under six Episcopal bishops. I’ve had serious run-ins with three. One of those run-ins included the use of profanity (see reason #8). None were pleasant. All had consequences. It was never fun. Thing is, had I been a bishop, I wonder who I would have battled. The presiding bishop in the Episcopal Church isn’t really the boss bishop, not in the same way as the Roman Catholics run their show. I bet if someone were to go off on the current pope, that cat would come back hard and wouldn’t take any BS. He’s real and seems to be comfortable in his skin. I’d chill with him if he had a few minutes. I suppose my conflict would be with the standing committee or whatever entity has the most authority in a diocese. That’s where the rub would be, but it’s not like having a bishop. Getting pissed at a committee is like peeing in the wind. You never know where things will land. Maybe being a bishop would have helped me with my authority problem. Or, maybe I would have just started acting out against other in-charge types, like the President.

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Seth Polley

I live in southeastern Arizona where I teach high school history. My home is very close to US/MX border and the border and the countries it divides are very close to my heart. For a little over twenty years, I served the Episcopal church as a priest, but now I work as a teacher. I use for my writing website, but I also have another site, where I write a blog. At this point in my writing career I have received a couple of honorable mentions in writing contests, and have self-published two short monographs. I'm planning on continuing to write and look forward to the time when I can devote more time to it.
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