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Top 10 Reasons I would be a Lousy Bishop.

#9 I have visible tattoos

A friend once told me you should get a tattoo every twenty-five years. I decided to do that and told my bishop as much. He was pretty cool about it. For my first tattoo, I got me a Celtic Cross/Lotus Flower combo. Not long after that, I got a road-runner, my spirit animal and one of my totems. I know of a bishop back east who required his clergy with tattoos to cover them up when officiating liturgically. Had I become a bishop, I can just imagine the inevitable drama that would have occurred when a mother of a 13-yr old acolyte crosier-reams for encouraging her adolescent to tattoo up because of my body art. Here’s the my imagined conversation:
Mad Mom: Bishop Polley, my 13 year-old daughter, Brandi, has just come home with a large tattoo in the middle of her back, she refers to as her ‘tramp stamp.’
Bishop Polley: No shit? Who was the artist? You know, I’ve always wanted my ink in a place where I can see it, so I haven’t gone for the back or calf or that. Interesting. Do you know what it cost her? Tell her to keep an eye on it. I’ve had some problems with the healing. I’ve got holy oil if you think that might help.

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Seth Polley

I live in southeastern Arizona where I teach high school history. My home is very close to US/MX border and the border and the countries it divides are very close to my heart. For a little over twenty years, I served the Episcopal church as a priest, but now I work as a teacher. I use for my writing website, but I also have another site, where I write a blog. At this point in my writing career I have received a couple of honorable mentions in writing contests, and have self-published two short monographs. I'm planning on continuing to write and look forward to the time when I can devote more time to it.
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