Blog Apologia…

cropped-sap-4-mister2.jpgMy latest blog Desperate Times. Desperate Measures. has hit a few nerves. Even as I wrote it, I wondered, “Is this where I want to go?” I basically used some prominent stereotypes about Mexicans to criticize Donald Trump’s newly declared State of Emergency. Some people I care about and respect registered their dislike, so I am responding to that complaint.

It helped me to investigate more thoroughly than I had, the word, satire. I liked what I found: the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. I’m pretty sure that’s what I did. I said some ridiculous things about all Mexicans on the border, jumping at once, “Jump, Beaner, Jump” to send a Dune-like sound wave into Gringolandia strong enough to render us Whiteys  inert and vulnerable to invasion. I used a term ‘Brown chaos’ when describing what the President is trying to defend us against. And I said that low skilled and under educated immigrants were actually informants for the Mexican intelligentsia reporting back to the home land the best way to ‘screw us.’

Do I believe anything of the negative stereotypes I employed? Of course not. Do many people in this land hold them as true? Of course they do. Do I believe that the President is not alone in thinking that the very same people who I use to ridicule his stupidity are a serious threat to the security of the United States of America. I absolutely do. I most assuredly do. You’re goddamn right I do. I wrote what I wrote to expose the ridiculousness and lunacy of Trump’s State of Emergency. The man is a dangerous, megalomaniac. To his own ends, he is subverting the democratic process in this country.. He has no business being president and I wish him gone from the office yesterday.

Our naivety will not serve us. Our resistance to employing the prophet’s voice, the critic’s word, the musician’s song, and the poet’s verse explain, in part our current predicament. Preachers were told not to preach politics. Musicians discovered there was more money in Kum by Yah than in You Masters of War and writers wrote the same book twenty times rather than use their 20-20 vision to bring about change.

If my blog did anything to help others (especially those who don’t live on the border) understand the danger that Donald Trump poses to the security of the United States and the beautiful people of Mexico- a country I make no hesitation in identifying as my adopted country- then I am satisfied with what I wrote and the way in which I wrote it. I’m open to dialogue about this and just about anything. Most of my readers know that about me. But I fear there is no dialogue with this madman, no reasoning. It falls to us then, to those of us who claim not only sanity, but the moral high ground, to resist, to speak out, to shut down, to do away with; to bring our God-given creativity to bear in declaring that We the People of the United States declare that our national emergency is President Donald Trump himself.