Desperate Times. Desperate Measures.

trump state of emergencyPresident Trump’s declaration of a National State of Emergency makes good sense to me, a lot of his presidency does, but this particular move of I find particularly satisfying. My experience in southeast Arizona and northwest Mexico is representative of the entirety of the whole southern border.

Mexicans are experts at deception. They appear to live their lives, run their business, love their girlfriends, but a perceptive eye and mind (the kind President Trump and I share) can detect the real activities present. The crisis is real as many report it is from their TV news studios in Washington and New York. Migrants who cross into the United States illegally under the cloak of seeking a living wage, are really trained Mexican operatives expertly skilled in fomenting unrest. Their monolinguality and sub-education is only a cover. They pick grapefruit, hammer sheet rock, and wash dishes all the time delivering critical intelligence to their leadership about the best time to screw us.

The lack of civil unrest along our section of the border is intentional. So is the seeming calm along the other parts of the border. This false peace (faux pax) is really a fabrication of the liberal media establishment and old hippies. In collusion with the Mexican intelligentsia, these actors work at coaxing  our country to relax. Then, once seduced enough to lower our guard, Mexico will launch its full-scale invasion appropriately titled, ‘Jump Beaner, Jump.’ All Latino/as everywhere will then begin to hop about no matter where they are, no matter what they do. Even withered and aged abuellas will come to their feet. The collective stomping produced by all these unshackled feet will transmit  a revolutionary beat, a hybrid sound that will at once render any Gringo listener inert and unable to watch cable news.

President Trump’s is prepared for this scenario. Though his congress is divided, a potent investigation exposes the criminality of those around him, and opposition voices-though disparate and nascent- threaten to dampen the power of his rhetoric and leadership, he is wholly prepared to meet this challenge.

By declaring a national state of emergency, President Trump brings critical resources to bear against the specter of brown chaos. It will appear that the President scapegoats and acts as a demagogue, but this is not the case at all. He must target the clear and present danger amongst us and use his considerable power to defeat that target. Demagoguery and scapegoating is so yesterday.

President Trump, I applaud your assessment of the emergency on the border. You, sir, have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. I implore you not to lose your nerve or fall prey to the critics around you. Exercise your power and protect both the constitution and us. History is not kind to weenies. There is an emergency here. Desperate times call for desperate measures.  You understand this desperation better than most.