My Writing

SAP in desertI had a student who once said, with respect to her own writing, that “something takes over.” Indeed, something happens inside of me when I write. Then and now I resonate with my student’s statement, but I don’t think it’s the best way to describe exactly what occurs in me when I write. Being taken over assumes a loss of control, a relinquishing of the will. When I write and things flow, I go places I never dreamed I would, but I go there willingly, and find I look forward to the trip. I love to travel but hate to pack and writing is the best way I’ve found to do it without having to get on a plane or buy a tank of gas.

My main writing efforts thus far include a series titled The Vicar of Longborough Fr. Grant Stone is an Episcopal priest who picks us where I left off. You’ll need to read the memoir of how I transitioned from church work to high school history teacher. I’ve self published a story of the first night about that transition, but pulled it off Amazon because my high school community was getting nervous.

I’m also writing two novels at present. One is titled, Blood Sacrifice and its about two men and the woman they both love. The three of them get tangled up in a plot to kill the President. It gets interesting when they enlist the help of the high school students.

The other novel I work on is a Cold War epic loosely based on my father’s life. I lost my father almost two years ago. Some of the things I have of his that tell me about his life when he served in the military during the Korean War and worked for a military contractor with the Nevada Test Site. I’ve yet to title that work.

I’ve plenty else written, all of which is a work in progress. There’s a story about a boy who grows up in a bar, a memoir about the two summers I worked on a Colorado dude ranch, another memoir about a summer in Alaska and a series I work on titled Frontera High, about a high school on the border. I dabble in poetry but that’s about it.

I hope you enjoy my writing.
Seth Polley