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Kazak Kronical #2

Kazak Kronicle
June 1
Somewhere just to the right of Greenland @ 38,000 feet

Well, turns out that my co-travelers don’t hate me. I haven’t met them all yet, but the ones I have seem friendly enough. One even invited me into one of those fancy flight centers for free (complimentary) food including made-to-order guacamole. Most people in there were of the Anglo variety and seemed very fit and hip. Most people at the British Airways terminal were not. They were a variety of different hues and physicality. Some were probably hip. The lady who looked my boarding pass over (to London) was from Ethiopia. She seemed pretty hip. I wanted to ask her if the Brits colonized Ethiopia. Given the hour long delay to leave Dallas (and the free guacamole) I thought it best not to hold up the line.

The 747 I am currently sitting in as it speeds east across the Atlantic is old. It doesn’t have any air vents. This explains the heat and, consequently, the first bout with jumpy legs. I got through it okay but not before I had to walk around the plane some. It’s cooled down a bit and lots of the other passengers are using the provided blankets while they sleep. If this was a US carrier, you’d probably have to pay for the blanket. Did you know that British Airways offers wine with the meal. I felt bad turning it down. It just seemed like that was what one should do. People, the English invented manners. They know how things are supposed to work. One drinks wine with their meals even if plastic flatware abounds

There is an attractive, young Texas A&M Aggie sitting next to me. I told her to tell me if I was bothering her with my strange comments and questions. She’s told me that I’m fine. It occurs to me that this will be the person I will die next to if the plane plummets from the sky and crashes into the chilly Atlantic right about the same place the Titanic went down. I wouldn’t go there but I need to mention that, as the plane moved along on impulse power, sometimes it hit a sketchy spot o’ air. It lasted long enough for me to think about what I might think about at the end of my days Then the big bird settled down and I refocused on Mackenzie, the woman with whom I thought I would spend the rest of my life.

On the ground that was the monstrosity that is Heathrow airport, the former British Empire swirled about me. I mostly fought the temptation to stop and ask every person I saw where they came from, what language they spoke, and where were they headed

The times I did do this, my study colleagues began to get a better sense of who I was and what I was capable of as a traveler and cohort member. I think some found it charming but others have yet to make their feelings known about my travel mania and propensity toward making friends with strangers in strange places.
British Airways kindly provided us with a 10 pound voucher to snack on while we waited for the next flight to Istanbul. By the time we boarded that flight we had removed our clothing several times at the security screening. Nerves seemed edgy.

British Airways recouped their generosity by charging us for food on the flight to Turkey. Scratch the previous comment I made about the English and their manners.

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