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Top 10 Reasons I would be a Lousy Bishop

Reason # 10. Too Hard to Remember How to Write my Name Some Episcopal clergy practice a interesting tradition when writing out their name, especially on formal documents like marriage licenses and baptismal certificates, letters of admonition, or rejection letters to aspiring bishops. If one is a priest, then one […]

…Stays in Vegas

The authorities released their names today. The media has culled photos of them and put these images on line. I looked at each person. I read each caption that wrote about them. The media stated their reasons for attending the concert. It identified what they celebrated. It told us about […]

The End of the Dream?

Our national mythology runs deep. Even before we formed as a nation, people came to this land full of imagination and hope. That hope was never particularly altruistic or pure; profit motivated many, business opportunity urged others onward, the Dream has always had, at its roots, some degree of self-serving, […]