The Vicar of Longborough: High Desert Landing

Father Grant Stone is a hot mess. He is a good priest, but a bad example and he has problems with authority. More importantly, he has problems with drink, herb, and the fairer sex. Befriended early by the odd and cagey Sir Puck, Stone collides-literally- with his new community, Longborough, New Mexico, where he will serve as the vicar of St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church.
The Vicar of Longborough: High Desert Landing, the first episode in the series, introduces the reader to Stone, Sir Puck, and the sumptuous Katrina Escalante, an officer with the Longborough Police Department who spends an evening with Stone trying to decide whether to arrest him for a wrong turn.
While Puck sends warning code to Stone with his eyelids, while Stone’s mother chastises him long distance for another one of his calamities, while the neighbor wonders what happened to his fish pond, while Stone searches for a lost baggie, the night turns surreal and a little bird gets a second chance.
You’ll laugh out loud and enjoy well-written prose. But you’ll also get a glimpse into life in a small border town and into the life of a man wrestles with his calling from God, resists those who expect him to act like God, and abandons himself to those things that bring him closer to God.

S. Alexander Paul, an Episcopal priest, has served churches in churches in the US and Latin America. He makes his home in the Desert Southwest.